About us

At I-ERAI, we are a cohesive international team with a shared long-term vision for e-learning and technology. We stand united by the mission to bridge the 'technology know-how' gap. By communicating and sharing innovative solutions, we aim to make technology accessible and enjoyable, even for those who have been hesitant or resistant.

We are committed to delivering only the highest value solutions, partnering with competitive vendors and championing open-source solutions when they provide the best fit. Our expectation of our partners? Constant evolution and competitiveness, for the benefit of our clients.

We pride ourselves on nurturing and cultivating long-lasting business relationships. We firmly believe that our contribution to the evolution of e-learning technology is a key tool in combating global ignorance. And at our core, we uphold the bushido virtues of loyalty, honor, respect, honesty, benevolence, rectitude, and courage.

Our name, "I-ERAI," stands for:

I nnovative

E mpowering

R esourceful

A ffordable

I ntegrous

We believe that understanding begins with listening. We focus on hearing your needs and wants, and then echo back our understanding. Through this process, we ensure we fully grasp your vision. We promise it won’t take long – our keen questions and acute listening skills see to that!

Once we understand your needs, we draw on our resourceful network to undertake our unique, specialized research. We keep you in the loop through a dedicated project website, offering real-time updates on your project.

With I-ERAI, there are no unnecessary frills or obfuscation. We provide a zen-like focus on the task at hand, aiming to deliver a solution that fits your budget, timeline, and needs. And once that solution is found, we stand by your side to provide support for as long as you need us.

Our process is simple. But don't be fooled - its simplicity is its strength."