About us

We are a strong, international team of people with a common long-term vision and mission regarding e-learning and technology:

  • We want to bridge the "technology know-how" gap by communicating and sharing solutions with those who may not have had the means or have been hesitant or resistant to using technology.
  • We want to share the best value solutions currently available. We only partner with the most competitive vendors, and more times than not, if a free or open source solution is the best choice, we will emphatically recommend that.
  • We expect our vendor partners to remain competitive, never complacent.
  • We strongly believe in developing and cultivating strong, long-term business relationships.
  • We believe that expediting the evolution of elearning technology is essential to helping combat ignorance in the world.

Finally, we believe in the bushido virtues of: loyalty, honor, respect, honesty, benevolence, rectitude and courage.

With this vision and mission, you can make sense of our name, "I-ERAI", which stands for:

i nnovative e mpowering r esourceful a ffordable i ntegrous

Our approach is, first, we listen. We listen intently to your needs and wants, and then repeat back to you what we think you are saying. It's a necessary process, but it shouldn't take too long because we ask pretty sharp questions and we're great listeners!

After we have an understanding of your situation and needs, and agree on a timetable, then we do our "special" research digging into our very resourceful network. We'll communicate with you through a dedicated project website so that you always know who's accomplishing what in "real-time."

No fancy presentations for the sake of presentations. No obfuscating. Just a zen-like focus on the problem to arrive at a solution that fits your budget, and rest assured that we'll concisely communicate that solution and support you for as long as you need us.

A very simple process. But very effective.