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I-ERAI Educational Consulting: Bridging Cultures, Empowering Communication

Several years before its official founding in 2007, I-ERAI began as a spark of frustration and determination. In 2002, Frank Carbullido, a young and passionate university instructor in western Japan, witnessed the challenges faced by foreign language lecturers. These educators were tasked with transforming large classes of 35 to 120 students into confident English communicators within a mere 22 hours of class time per term. The struggle was real, but so was Frank's resolve.

With a background in management, Frank applied accounting techniques to streamline routine learning tasks. His curiosity led him to explore and contribute to the cutting-edge fields like learning management systems (LMS), flipped learning, and gamification. He envisioned a future where administrative burdens could be automated, freeing up instructors to focus on active learning experiences.

Frank's innate ability to articulate the benefits of these innovative tools caught the attention of accidental clients. Listening carefully to their needs, he quickly built a stellar reputation. By 2007, the surge in demand, fueled by word-of-mouth referrals, prompted him to establish I-ERAI Educational Consulting. Frank became a trailblazer in educational technology and communication training.

Fast forward to today. As the head consultant and founder of I-ERAI Consulting, Frank remains dedicated to empowering executives across Silicon Valley and the Pacific Rim. His 28 years of experience as a leading academic and corporate communications trainer in Japan have left an indelible mark. Over 20,000 university students and countless other learners have benefited from his expertise, including clients at 15% of Nikkei 225 companies.

The I-ERAI Team thrives on individualized programs. We guide learners to TOEIC success, transform technical staff with no English-speaking skills into global presentation champions within five weeks, and implement language management systems. Our youth global leadership programs and online language schools reflect our commitment to holistic education.

But our impact extends beyond the classroom. We manage cross-cultural events, organize speech contests, and lead leadership training seminars. Now headquartered in Silicon Valley, we've shifted our focus to helping international companies achieve their global goals. Leveraging our expertise and professional networks, including the Educators in Japan LinkedIn group with over 500 members, we're uniquely positioned to support your professional growth.

Welcome to I-ERAI Consulting—a bridge between cultures, a catalyst for communication, and your partner in success.